Do you only photograph dogs? 

Can I be included in some of the photos with my pet? 

No, I love all animals & am happy to work with any pet you may have.  

Absolutely! Nothing makes me happier than when I have the chance to capture a unique bond that you have with your companion. But remember, the focal point of this session will ultimately always be of your pet. By making them the center of attention, we can see the love they have for you in these photos. 

How long does it take to receive the photos?

Typically, the turnaround is two weeks. If special edits or retouching needs are requested, it may take a tad bit longer. This will all be discussed after your session based on your desires and requirements!

What happens in the event of bad weather? 

My pet is elderly/ill, their time is limited. I need to book right away, is this possible? 

Don’t worry, should the weather not cooperate, we will coordinate for a new date, that works for everyone.  

Absolutely! I will work with you to get the session incorporated into my schedule and will come to you

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 What if my pet can’t be off the leash?? 

No problem at all! This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been asked this question. Thanks to my photo editing skills, we can make a leash disappear. Or, as another option, you can choose a fashionable leash.

What if my pet is stressed out during the session?

I will work with your pet to get the best photos possible. Prior to the session, we will discuss your pet’s personality in unfamiliar places, strangers, and other such habits. It is all about making them comfortable and taking it slow. Oh, and treats help, too!

Is there a charge for additional pets? 

Nope. Bring as many as you like! Sometimes, pets loosen up better with their fur friends, just like us humans.  

What if my pet isn’t well trained?  

Don’t worry! Most animals I photograph aren’t trained, require leashes, and need a lot of owner intervention. Some are nervous, some hyper, and some are straight-up confused. I have experienced all sorts of different behaviors, and I am fully prepared! 

Can my pet’s photo session take place at more than one location?  

Doable! As we work on planning out your pet’s photo session, we can discuss location options and additional fees for more than one location.

Can I purchase a gift card for someone?

Absolutely, we want you to share the love with your family and friends.