Your pet needs to look their best for their photos! Depending on the type of pet, grooming needs will vary.

For dogs in particular, a bath and a good brush can be sufficient to have them looking their stylish best. If you have a breed of dog that is “scruffy” around the face, I highly recommend a trim of the hairs around the eyes. Just remember, it is best not to schedule your grooming appointment on the same day as your pet’s photo session.

If your pet has tear stains under their eyes, there are items on the market that help with reducing tear stains. However, you may not want to use these, as you may want to capture the true essence of your fur baby.

Whatever you decide, works for me!

Since we will be moving around quite a bit, you may want to bring pet grooming wipes for any minor dirt removal we encounter along the way.

If you have a super crazy nutty dog or another high energy breed pet, taking them for a good walk or run around prior to the photography session can really pay off!

You don’t want to exhaust them completely, as their personality and playfulness needs to shine through during the session but just enough so that they aren’t completely over the top when we first get started.  

Treats, Treats, & More Treats

Do not forget the treats! These yummy snacks are a winner when it comes to keeping pets focused, especially if working with multiple pets at one time. Their favorite snacks will also work as a great reward for staying still and/or for performing tricks.

I will always have treats with me; however, if your pet has any allergies or only eats a certain type of treat, you will want to make sure you bring those special treats with you.


Toys & Things

Do you love dressing up your pup? Does he/she have a favorite jacket, sweater, bow tie, collar? If the answer is yes, bring those accessories along and we will incorporate them in the session, so we capture the true essence of your beloved fur baby.

As good practice, it is for the best that your pet does not know that you have brought treats with you. I will decide when it is the best time to bring them out.

Nothing is better than your pets own favorite things – a favorite toy, a favorite blanket, even an old torn up stuffed animal. Your pet is familiar with them and when you look back on the photos, they will hold greater meaning for you.  

Arrive Early 

Plan to arrive a few minutes early for your session. This will allow your pet time to meet the photographer and get used to the smells and sounds of a new place. 

Owner Interaction

No Worries, No Stress

I will often ask for your assistance with directing your pet, gaining their attention, and keeping them focused. After all, your pet knows you best and will be more comfortable with you being close to them and involved in the session.

Our pets easily pick up on our stress, and most of the time it will affect their overall demeanor. So as much as possible, try to relax. I want this day to be fun for not only your pet, but for you as well.

Just remember, your pet probably will not behave perfectly for the whole session, if at all! It’s totally OK, it happens (more often than not). Do not worry that your pet is not performing as they ought to or would normally do – it only takes me a fraction of a second to get THE shot.

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